Carin Mac Cana

New Work

"Inner Lives" @ Town Hall Gallery, Macroom, Co. Cork. Group show with work by Alice Maher, Carin Mac Cana, Michael Beirne, Austin McQuinn, Pat Looby & Catherine Lynch. Cork Arts Council July 2nd until July 31 2010.

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Artist's Statement

“Writing is not describing, just as painting is not representing.”

George Braque

Although some aspects of my work are based on elements of the material world, I don’t intend it to be representative of reality in any way. The forms are deliberately distorted and, at least unconsciously, not symbolic. I seek to create a pictorial dynamic that contains both tension & balance between forms, and that has spatial movement through colour interaction without falling prey to pattern & decoration. The only metaphor is music, in particular free improvisation jazz, which I often listen to while painting.

The arrangement of shapes is spontaneous & intuitive; an initial & very quick drawing using charcoal or diluted paint, in direct response to the size & shape of the canvass. The colour areas are not planned; I simply apply & see what happens, saturating & building up layer after layer.

I strive for ambiguity in form & space; movement in colour and light. I particularly like working on large scale canvass or paper.


Carin Mac Cana, 2008